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Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity

Book Review:

Title: Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity
Book Release Date: July 2015.
Dimensions: Large Format Landscape Book and eBook, 28 Plates, 58 Pages.

The book entitled, Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity is a continuation and extension of the explorations and findings from the series Flora Nocturne.  Specifically, focusing on the abstract, unreal, and imagination of organic form itself.  While natural forms can be beautiful and powerful, the investigation of Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity is purely visual and imaginative. Just reverting to the essence of mark making, where line quality, texture, color field, and luminescence can invoke a wide range of emotional triggers and cognitive relationships to space within two-dimensions.  The book is available in both in a tradition of hard/soft cover formats and e-book.  Ultimately, only seven out of twenty-eight images to be selected for the suite of large format chamber prints on high quality 100% cotton textured substrate.

All Rights Reserved © Richard A. Peña 2015

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