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Collection: Survey of the Past and Present Works

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Collections: Gregg Museum of Art and Design, North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC, November 20, 2020, The Gregg Museum of Art and Design, North Carolina State University Selection Committee voted to acquire five Photographic Works on Paper from the Richard and Elizabeth Peña Family Living Trust.  The selected Photographic Works on Paper included individual prints from both portfolio series, “Recent Findings: Southern Exposure” and “Argus, Mysterious […]

Blessed is the Night | Division Street

[Short Libretto-Ballad] Blessed is the night. Go down these city streets, down Division Street, way down Division Street, where the wind sways the autumn trees, like an autumn song.  So blessed is the night.  Oh, the leaves rustle all around my feet, streetlamp lanterns, dancing shadows, nocturne patterns, with rod iron bones and brownstones, echoes-of-elevated-trains, […]

Of Beauty and of Death

Forgive me with kindness for speaking of something as morose such as of beauty and death in the same breath, but both are breathing, iconic, mysterious, and often misunderstood.  Beauty and death are seldom the points of reflection in daily life, given the emotional and spiritual weight they pay tribute to.  The world we know […]

Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity

Book Review: Title: Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity Book Release Date: July 2015. Dimensions: Large Format Landscape Book and eBook, 28 Plates, 58 Pages. The book entitled, Abstractions – Sketches in Organic Unity is a continuation and extension of the explorations and findings from the series Flora Nocturne.  Specifically, focusing on the abstract, unreal, […]

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