July’s Fire of Life: Poetry

My daddy is a dragonfly, My mamma is a butterfly

I was born in July to fly, not to cry

Anywhere the four winds blow is my home

Afraid not of garden gnomes

Oh, the colors of summer, slumber with a number

Under blue skies, time to say new goodbyes

As old as the sun

Remember this lovely memory with such reverie

Thunder and lightning only happen in the soul

It makes you whole or makes you old, I have been told

Oh, firefly, firefly, say goodnight to stars in the night,

Be not so contrite

Magpie, magpie, sing the July’s fire of life

The moonlight is like a lover’s moonshine when it is time

The river rolls quietly through the gentle night

The summer’s breeze turns to fall’s leaves

Relieves me, no lies to cry

I was born in July to fly, not to die

The fire of life, the light of desire

To make you mine, a delightful rhyme

My sweet paradigm of life

July’s Fire of Life, All Rights Reserved, Richard A. Peña © 2020

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