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Category Archives: Poetry

Poetry: Last Exit to Hoboken – 14th Street Rhapsody

Ho-Ho-Kus, Hocus-Pocus, Abracadabra, half-past Moonachie and Weehawken, you find yourself in the taverns of Hoboken looking to find redemption, the sublime, and the Christopher Street line.  But you only find a room of lost and found souls, they opine and drink sweet wine. You say your father is a pawnbroker and your mother is a […]

Blessed is the Night | Division Street

[Short Libretto-Ballad] Blessed is the night. Go down these city streets, down Division Street, way down Division Street, where the wind sways the autumn trees, like an autumn song.  So blessed is the night.  Oh, the leaves rustle all around my feet, streetlamp lanterns, dancing shadows, nocturne patterns, with rod iron bones and brownstones, echoes-of-elevated-trains, […]

Poetry: Of Beauty, and of Death

O’ beauty and of death, when do the drumbeats rest for those blessed? When do the drumbeats rest for the transgressed? When do the drumbeats rest for the obsessed? O’ beauty and of death, the sky is thy paper and the sea is thy ink. Remember what beauty is, and the moon shall shed light […]

Poetry: Deep Below the Rich Earth

Deep below the rich earth lies a reddish-brown bird. Every now and then, I hear the reddish-brown bird sing at night; songs of solitude and beauty resonate in the cadence of passing time.  I try to ignore the songs, but they take root in my memory like words to a contract, as unspoken bonds of […]