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Collection: Survey of the Past and Present Works

All Rights Reserved, © Richard Anthony Peña 2023

Beautiful Strangers

All Rights Reserved, © Richard Anthony Peña 2023

Elements of Innovation

In the thirteenth year of the twentieth century, technological innovations were like flower buds ready to blossom.  The Ford Motor Company introduced the first large-scale moving assembly line, the first successful recipe to make stainless steel came about in 1913, but there was another discovery that was so small, it could not be observed by […]

Who is enjoying the shadow of whom…

In the year 1889, Oscar Wilde looked out the window of his London flat, as the fog rolled in, pondered about the great discourse of human observations, the iconic values of civilizations, beauty, and truth. Wilde decided to take on the Aristotelian constructs, and challenging the status quo thinking about aesthetics and art, by firing […]

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